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Top 20 beard styles for men

Top 20 beard styles for men

beard styles man
Top 20 beard styles for men

I remember, in a deep childhood, I had stirred the bearded people, standing in the romantic flyers of a distant journey.

This is the reason that it is difficult to explain, but in my subconscious you look at a well-prepared bearded pop image of a brave navigator or a fearless explorer of far north. I would not say that I really like bearded men, but they respect and some nervousness in my soul.

Is it worth to develop a beard?

If you feel a wild desire to change the image, the original beard can help you, but to choose the most successful form and style yourself, you have to do math with your physical characteristics and internal needs. Therefore, the most unpleasant phase is usually the first stage of growing, which usually takes about two weeks.

During this time, you should not touch the shaving mechanism for your shooting, clearly to see the picture of growth and hair density, as well as determine the possibilities of making a masterpiece on his face.

Here you will need all the inherent severity and attention, you have to select parts of the face where the hair is thicker, and where - less frequent. After all, it depends directly on the form of its future. If there is a financial opportunity, it is best to contact an experienced stylist.

Types of beard in men

The types of men's beard are a great variety and by their number you can always find the most suitable for your face. Let's try to consider the most popular and universal people.

Goat's beard

Hispaniola is a small little beard that covers his chin and was at the peak of his fame in the 90's of the 20th century. Normally, instead of conservative aesthetics, priority is given, that person provides sophistication and intelligence.

Its contour should be evenly rounded from the lips to the chin, and it is desirable that it acts as a consistent continuity of mustache.

Balbo -

 A fairly broad and not solid, but without a full (pen), the beard, the mustache, and that is complemented with the picturesque base beneath the lower lip.

It requires experience and skill to make, so first of all, you can make the best use of the services of a qualified specialist.


The screen is suitable for men who like beard without mustache. In this case, the hair covers the entire surface of the temples and chin, the hair passes through a line of growth, but the upper lips are bare.

With the help of this bit you can fix the shape of the face, can open a beautiful lips contour. It was similar to Abraham Lincoln's wear.

Suvartov's beard

Suvorov's beard is the perfect opposite of "screen". Here you have to develop vegetation on the temples, it is that it bordered cheekbones, growing corners of the mouth and a mustache. Chin remains clean and shiny

This option is great for the owners of a beautiful brave chin, which should not be hidden. Especially if this is a good shovel, but this is my personal preference! I like this excitement, there is no such sin!

English Mustache

English mustache is preferred by sophisticated gentlemen with the desire for the subtle elite, they do not require a figurative description, it is enough to remember the famous characters of Agatha Christie - about and intellectual Hercule Poirot, who brilliantly The series was played by David Suchet. This thin, slightly twisted upper recipe has a wide mustache

Goat's beard

Goethe, despite its unpleasant name, often happens often on our contemporaries' faces. Generally, it resortes to Bohemian personalities, microscopic musical forms and unfamiliar talents and it should be noted that many of them have to go too much

Beard for face type

Beard is an excellent medium to hide the facial flaws, and also gives a person's image some secrets and secrets, but here also there are small secrets

It is better for the owners of the round face to give priority to a small brush with a mustache mustache. By the way, you are shaving a lot of goats, but it is better to refuse this with a big head of hearing.

But it will look great on a narrow face, which will increase the persistence and importance. Harmony on the rectangular face is related to the grand mustache. For triangular oval, a beard is required in the shape of a horseshoe, which divides the lower part into light weight.

What kind of beards are and how do they like celebrities? How to choose the right, hide imperfections and emphasize dignity? In our article today about this

In translation, but the size of the beard is round carefully and soon after a few troubles, the chin stops, the style of an intelligent and refined man, like the 90's fashion, a little bit like those who like this form of beard: Brad Pitt , Bruce Willis, Robert Pattinson

In the translation, "Captain of the ship." Forms in the form of an inverted drop, increase from the lower lip to the entire chin. With such a beard, you should shave your hair on your cheeks. In general, this form is preferred by those men who are strong, love the sea


It is a broad, round shape with a thick mustache designated in honor of the Italian general and politician of the 19th century Giuseppe Garibaldi. Such a beard makes a man innocent, courageous, decorate the celebrities: Jared Leto, Make Madison Rauli this evening Fashion make it adds Mustache to the top or the edge. To maintain this style, you need to be careful about the care of the people She is facing a stylish, charismatic, courageous and attractive people to determine that you have a hairstyle for you, you can see that Hugh Lorry, Eva Neggeant, Tom Coulitze


One is attached to the whiskers, covering the cheeks and half of the cheek. Show signs of joyful, playful, romantic experiments to men celebrity who likes treasures: Chris Pine, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Affleck

These species were popular in the 30's. Popular Actor, Playing Cool Boys, Was Wearing Currently, Top-7 Most Attractive and Bearded Hollywood Actors Robert Pattinson, Jude Law, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Russell Brand, Ben Affleck

Its name has been named after Italian politician Italo Balbo. There is a huge and broad form in it, where there is no armor. The image can supplement nausea, medium thickness. It is better to hand over the care of such a beard to the hands of the master. Suitable for men who are not ready to spend a lot of time in caring for their face, with this type of beard: Sylvester Stallone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler

Small cheeks with a point to chin, and easily shaved on temples, this beard completely meets with a narrow antenna, while minimal care is required. Man looks very clean and somewhat pedantic: Celebrities with form: Ryan Gosling, David Beckham, Dima Billy
Wide beard with mustache like an "Old Holland" Men's nature is cruel and rude. Prefer to wear this type of beard: Pierce Brosnan, Amy Pahller, Andy Samberg, Paul Rudd

Islet (soul patches) -

 A small vegetable in the hole below the lower lip. It feels good with a Mustache or Unshaven. The appropriate heroic celebrity who likes the size of the beard islet: Timi, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Welling.

It is a natural classic type, it grows fully but sometimes it needs to be trimmed and flat. The main thing is that there should be good density of hair in this form. It is very easy to make any other shape from a Russian beard suitable for men with a brave, strong-willed, self-sufficient character. Like celebrities like: Frederick Engels, Adrian Brody, PA Protopnik

It is a universal form of a circle, where the mustache passes in the beard. However, there is a strip of hair cut under the lips, capable of stretching the face, therefore, round face representatives are not recommended. The owners of this beard always know what they want to be the Bright Representative of Canada: Stace Mikhailov, Justin Beber, Enrique Iglesias

In English translation, "Captain of a fishing vessel", it is located on the lower jaw. There are two types of this beard: Proper choice for men with irregular size of long chin and jaw, this kind of beard is very representative Are the dreamers.

Duck Tail (DuckTall) -

In English the word "Duck" resembles a resemblance to a Russian mantle, but with such a beard with a point, many people are confident and self-reliant. Wear Duck Tails: Colin Ferrane, Hugo Bunning

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