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Top 10 best makeup ideas

Top 10 best makeup ideas

Hello friends, I will tell you 10 make-up ideas today. Friends, you must know today, everybody wants to make a woman or girl tomorrow. Friends 10 Good Ideas -

 best makeup ideas
Top 10 best makeup ideas

1. Flawless skin

You do not want to look like sad weather on the big night, right? So, wash your face and get rid of dead skin, oil, blackhead, and dirt. But make sure you do not clean your face with a rigid cleaner. Use a cleanser that will calm your skin. And for any further advice, go to your dermatologist.

2. Perfect Support

Before applying make-up, moisturize with SPF for the right base for your makeup. You can use jabbo oil, which is aroma free and gentle, and it should be immersed in color. But for those who are afraid of sticky oils, remember that the foundation requires a supplementary base to look natural.

After this, apply a light layer of foundation to cover, but if you feel that it is too thick, then add a little moisturizer and mix it together. If cover covers are required, then you will have an eye cream You can mix it by hiding, and then set it with transparent powder for an innocent finish.

3. Use the powder of the setting

Yes, you can pull something simple as a setting, transparent, transparent powder to eliminate the look. Choose a powder on the hidden parts of your face with a mild, light brush and press it. Make sure you leave the powder where you have extra glow, which is usually the T-zone area.

4. Priority in skin

Did you know Primers are a necessity when it comes to long-lasting make-up and can tire out the eyes too. Dab a maturity primer for your makeup and you can increase your features and later finish the powder requirement. You say, thank you. We say, primers live longer!

5. Blush it away

For a fully flushed color, to give color depth and skin-like texture, take a powder blush like template AIR pod blush, or Laura Geller sugar free blush-n-brighton.

Tip: When flushing, start blushing on the cheek apples, smiling at first, and head towards the ear, then move down to the jawain. Perfecto!

6. World contour

A good bronzer you need to warm your skin tone. If you usually use bronze for contouring, first apply it to your neck and face as well as your skin. After this, draw a soft line under the cheek, and then mix it down with your sponge.

7. Eyes to Pop

Start with an eye shadow primer or base eye shadow that matches the lightest shade of the skin and then rapidly applies shadows to your lid faster. Then, once you have finished with it, use this base to make sure that the use of a deep shade shadow on your eyelashes to the crease is properly mixed. Now, apply shimmer eyeshadow, but remember that something is not very rich or you will risk taking it on your face.

8. Brow Factor

To give an image of lifting your face, place your eyebrow pencil or transparent powder in the upper part of the bounce.

9. In the eyes

Vibrant eye make-up is important for any makeup, but if you are planning to go for a bright lips shadow, then cancel it. Golden rule? Full of layering, find colors in two colors, of course, a darker than the other. Use light and furious bone depth on the lid, and mix them well. Apply mascara with a light hand and you are good to go!

10. Punching Pouts

The funniest thing about a vibrant and young lip color for a beauty junky is very convertible; You can play with a perfectly visible texture and colors. For this form a refined makeup and well-groomed brows are essential. For long-lasting lip color, swipe on the color of your rich lips, place a tissue on your face, and then dust the powder to make a high impact color that defines your entire form

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