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The Ultimate Guide To MAKEUP IDEAS

The Ultimate Guide To MAKEUP IDEAS


The Ultimate Guide To MAKEUP IDEAS

To get 5 make-up looks for 5 okayon you need to know the exact technique of make-up. To make the perfect make-up and get the best look, it is not enough to put whatever is in the make-up kit. You should also know how to makeup when you have to. Try To Get 5 Different Makeup Looks For 5 Okayzan Make Our Tips For Make Up

Party makeup

* With make-up in parties, you can experiment with anything.
* Use dark colors. Apply a lot of shimmer shine. Can choose a dramatic look.
* But keep in mind that if you have to dance in the party, do not make too many make-up.
* Long Lusting Makeup is good for parties. Highlight lips while keeping eye makeup lightweight. Hot Red or Pink Lipstick
* Let the eyes look at the smoky eyes for the evening parties. This will make you look glamorous.
* Or lip makeup can be kept simple by wearing heavy mascara look.

 Daytime Makeup

* Always select soft and natural look for day makeup.
* Do not use dark shades of makeup.
* Apply Tinted Moisturizer.
* Highlight eyes with Peach, Pink or Light Brown Eyesadow.
* Add mascara. Natural, Pink or Red Lip Gloss

Makeup for interview

* Simple polished look is the best.
* Keep makeup at least, that is, make at least make-up.
* Avoid dark colors. Take a fresh and clean look.
* Moisturize the face before making make-up. Place the Shear Foundation
* Apply eye-candy while completing your composition.
* Smooth the light with the eyeshadow by putting highlighter on the brow line.
* Apply eyeliner and mascara.
* Apply lip color for light shade.

Makeup for office

* Office means no make-up day, keep this in mind.
* But the truth is that you will look beautiful, only then you will also face Confidence.
* Yes, make the make-up look natural for office look. Forget the heavy foundation.
* Compact Powder, Natural Eyesadow, Mascara, Blush and Lip Gloss are enough to give you a professional look.
* Must use blushers while doing makeup for office parties. This will give you dresse and polished look.

Night party makeup

* Take a bold eye makeup look.
* Keep the base makeup only.
* Apply Bright Eyeshadow. Highlight the Brow line with Glittering Highlighter.
* Put double strokes of Mascara and smear it by putting mascara.
* Smokey Eye Makeup also looks glamorous for the night look.
* Try Winged Eye Liner. The colored eye liner can also be selected. Put all the kazels together.
* If you are going to a party, then add shimmer-glitter to make-up. This will give a perfect party look.
* Apply Shimri Blusher.
* Red or Berry lipstick is perfect for night look. If you want, you can also try Nude Lipstick Look with Bold Eyes.

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