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holi hindi song( 2019)

holi hindi song 2019

Holi song 2019
holi hindi song( 2019)

Hello friends, I am going to tell you about Hindi Holi Song today that in the year 2019, this song was very loud in Holi, which song which is very big in 2019, I will tell you in detail about it. I will also give you a link, you can go and download it too.

1. On the day of Holi, heart blossoms ...

Holi's party and Amitabh Bachchan's superhit songs should not be in the list, it is impossible to do this. Big B has given several hit songs on Holi. How can the Holi Celebration of Jay-Viru be forgotten in Bollywood's iconic film 'Sholay'? The more famous Gabbar's Dialogue - 'Holi is when, when is Holi', the same fame is singing 'Holi is getting a heart on the day ...'. On the occasion of Holi, this song plays like an Antha every year and everyone gets drowned in Holi's fun.

2. Holi played Raghubira ...

Have you noticed that even today, only a few old songs are played on Holi, and they certainly have the song 'Holi Khele Raghubira'? No matter how old this song is, even today, it seems like new

3. Blame it ...

Talk about Holi and if you do not sing the song of Deepika-Ranbir's song 'Balam Pichakari', then it's not fun. This song of 'This Jawani Hai Deewani' is quite popular among youngsters. This song is played on the occasion of Holi. The music of this song will force you to choke. This is the perfect song for Holi.

 4 Organizing the organ ...

The talk is a perfect song, so this song is painted in love color.

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