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Fashion tips for men full guide 2019

fashion tips for men full guide 2019

I'm going to tell fashion tips for men. Read in detail step by step. Bai step is described

    1 start with shoes

fashion tips for men full guide 2019

fashion tips for men full guide 2019

It is impossible that you did not buy good leather shoes. But if a good thing is found, it is better to spend it, then according to your formal dress, many colors and designs (in colors and style) can pair with shoes and match, the impact increases. is .

2 excellent dress (classic dress)

fashion tips for men full guide 2019

fashion tips for men full guide 2019

In fact, according to the kind of tweed (woolen cloth) and plaid jacket you wear, the person meets you, understand your admiration for the companions and elders after looking attractive in your dress. This means that loose pants and runners (racers / shoes should be worn at least on occasions) Prepare for a social event (social event) in a basic jacket, pants and classy shoes, as other people You will be in the casual, you will be the center of attraction and definitely will be praise (compliment).

3 Take good care of your stuff

fashion tips for men full guide 2019

fashion tips for men full guide 2019

Wearing a wonderful (Osam)-looking suit, designer shirt and best leather shoes, you have to understand that you have to start taking care of them well. Take a good coat holder for them, buy a beautiful shoe rack for those Italian shoes (Italian shoes), wash your clothes thoroughly, press and hang, even shirts completely folded ) Should be placed in the drawer. It is less expensive to spend a good wardrobe (rack) than buying new clothes every day.

4 good suit

Everyone needs occasional one or two discounts (good) suits. Despite our profession, we have a descent suit. It is rarely possible that your work depends on wearing suit several times, mixing them well in different colors and designs.
In the case of buying a suit in the General Store, it often happens that the size does not match you accordingly. Therefore, the piece of cloth should be taken to a good tailor (tailor) and fit the suit according to its size, which actually makes a good difference.

5 blue and white are basic (original colors)

You can never make a wrong match with a white or blue shirt. This is because all skin colors, physical makeup and length match.

6 Right selection of clothes 

Sawal Men should always be very careful while buying clothes. Such men should often wear light colored clothes. Light green, light yellow and navy blue, thick brown color Besides, sometimes the black, blue, and light-colored light shades should definitely be tried.

7  Accessories 

Accessories have the same role as for men of jewelery. Most of the men are fond of wristwatch of new fashion. Choose them according to the festival and your clothes. Select Gold or Silver plated watch for office. But if you want to choose a sports watch, white clocks will be the best.

8 Eyeglasses / Sunglasses 

In the summer season, everyone is wearing sunglasses to save their eyes from the bright sunlight. But try not to wear glasses whose frames are of bright or silver color. This will make you look more black and will not match your skin color. So you choose brown and black glasses. You will love it. Apart from this, reflective goggles are also not suitable for those people.

9 Sometimes the hair color changes 

 you can look stylish by choosing the right color of hair. There are many colors that look good on the Sawalas. Golden brown with red highlights looks good on those people. Chestnut copper and mahogany colors also fuse. Flame Red is also a color that greatly enhances your personality.

10 Use of Moisturizer

Men should always moisturize their skin just as women do. Because often the skin of the skin is quite a victim of stupidity. So do not forget to apply moisturizing cream on your skin after bathing everyday. You will not face any problem related to the skin.

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