Saturday, 9 March 2019

birthday wishes to a friend|birthday wishes for best friend male 2019

birthday wishes to a friend|birthday wishes for best friend male 2019

Birthday is a very special day for any person. Make it special and happy birthday and congratulatory message.

Your birthday is "special"
❤Thank you because everyone
Heart "pass" ...
And it's up to you today
Every "AAS" ..

Life is full of desires,
Every moment, full of wishes,
Daman began to look small,
So much happiness will come tomorrow tomorrow,
happy B-Day!!
Happy birthday

What kind of blessings do you,
Which feed flowers on your lips;
This is my prayer,
Let the stars light your fate, make your fate.
"happy Birthday!"

All the pearls of the sea of ​​desire are yours,
Your loved ones are almost always close to you,
Something went wrong for you,
All your supplications, every desire to accept!
Happy Birthday!

What kind of blessings do you,
Which on your labels,
Feeding happy flowers,
This is my prayer,
Give stars light.
God make your fate !!

"Every laugh is a smile on your lips;
You are unaware of every mistake;
With whom is your life;
You always have that person
Happy Birthday! "

"Every way is easy,
Be happy on every path;
Be beautiful every day,
This is the whole life;
This is my prayer every day,
This is your every birthday!
Happy birthday!"

Always be the way of life,
You always smile on your face;
Gives heart to you;
Every day happiness is alive in life!

You will find the life filled with love,
You can find the moment of happiness,
Never have to face any misfortune
Will you get this tomorrow
happy Birthday.

* Happy Birthday *

This is the date this month when this date came,
How much love did we celebrate birthdays,
On every shama, write the name of friendship,
Your face like moon in the light of this is the capacitance
Happy Birthday.

* Happy Birthday *

In Deepak, there would be noor,
The tragic heart would not have been so compelling,
We would like to introduce ourselves to the Birthday,
If your ashes were not so far away,
Very happy on your birthday

* Happy Birthday *

Birthday is yours, we give it,
Once we get it, we will never be separated,
This is our promise of life,
Will give up your life, it is your intention
We wish for your long and happy life.

* Happy Birthday *

Be full of desires, every moment of life will be filled with aspirations
Suppression seems too small
Give you so much happiness tomorrow
Happy birthday

* Happy Birthday *

Let me write your age, from the moon stars,
I celebrate your birthday with flowers from flowers,
Everybody should bring me beautifully from the world,
Decorate this room with a laughing view
Happy Birthday On Your Birthday ....

* Happy Birthday *

Do not gully,
Nor do they teach,
This is what you pray for,
And give you lots of birthday wishes
Best wishes on your birthday on our behalf

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